Is the old shock therapy really that bad?

  1. Is the old shock therapy really that bad?

    With the new formula out the original is going for dirt cheap on some websites. I've never tried it but I haven't heard much about it except the taste is awful.

    How about effectiveness? Does it really taste that bad? I don't care much about flavor as long as it works. I take white flood and that stuff tastes horrible so it can't be much worse.

    I've tried really hard to find the ingredient list for the original formula with no luck. anybody find it??

    I've never tried it and am really considering it just cause of the price and I'm curious on people opinions..

  2. Nothing? Tough crowd lol

  3. Long story short I have both right now... I don't know about the other original flavors but honestly grape is what I got and its aweful. Just taste. Great energy and honestly Its just as good or better than anything I've tried I love it more than c4! Plus original formula is 50 servings and most people can't handle more than 1.5 scoops from what I've read online. Used it four times before I got new stuff, found if I mixed with a scoop of grape xtend its no problem to drink, probably be okay with coolade even, I recommend strong with it durring or post workout. Lov

  4. Love both formulas honestly. New doesn't give me bubble gut though but old doesn't make me crap myself

  5. was very dis appointed in both...
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  6. I went almost 2 months without any pres and before that was a lot of tubs of c4 so its been a long time since I had a fuller formula pre workout, I'm really enjoying them so far but again, cutting with xtend and cutting storm with xtend intra I'm liking it a lot

  7. Haha Shock that brings back some memories. First preworkout I ever bought a second tub of and what I used for the majority of the Starting Strength routine when i first started lifting. One of my favorite preworkouts, gave me a swift kick in the ass after classes/work and didn't use DMAA, if I recall. It's some pretty stout ****. Doesn't have all the "fancy" ingredients that some of the pre's have nowadays, but for handling lethargy and motivating you to get up and go to the gym it's quite effective, pump is decent too. I do remember it tasting like ****, though. I just mixed it in like 5oz of water and took it like a shot.

  8. Both formulas are pretty bad

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Both formulas are pretty bad
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  10. Don't know why use to be a big Universal fan. I got a few samples of Shock Therapy the new version released this year & hated it!
    Worst pre work I have ever tried.

    Got head aches, threw up, dizzy, no pumps, damn near no engery. It's so bad I took 3 scopes max from the tub; going back to Universal through there guarantee program.
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  11. Hmm mixed reviews..can anybody find the ingredient list? I personally love most blue raspberry flavored supplements so I was considering this one

  12. Last time I took shock therapy I was like 16 I remember it tasted awful. I was such a universal nut huger in high school. I woulda bought anything that UN or animal stamped on it. Glad that only lasted a few years....

  13. I never had the old one but i used the new one about a month ago. Decent pump but the energy wasnt all there. They claim a full does of creatine in it though. Taste wasnt bad either... had the lemonade one, pretty tasty

  14. Haven't tried the new ST, but the old ST was the only preWO that I used consistently. It gave me good pumps and extremely good concentration.
    I would switch out to other ones, but I always went back to ST.
    As far as the profile goes, I'll leave that to the experts.

  15. Have not tried the new, the old was decent. Animal pump IMO is their best pre-workout product.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  16. I hated the old stuff, never really got anywhere close to finishing the tub and ended up selling it to a guy I knew. lol. the blue stuff was nasty.

  17. Pm me with website to buy original I wanna try


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