Aflapin - Boswellia serrata (for joint discomfort)

  1. Aflapin - Boswellia serrata (for joint discomfort)

    Has anyone seen this "Aflapin - Boswellia serrata" stuff used anywhere else? I noticed it's in my new joint supplement I'm trying out (Flexamin).

    I have been taking this for just over a week now and my joints still feel good (I'm on a very dry cycle).

  2. Studies I found are not open for public and a bit busy atm...Anyhow, it seems that if it is a good concentration of Boswellic Acid (Which is still undergoing testing for effectiveness in-vitro and in-vivo) should be good enough for Osteoarthritis , specially for the knee. However due to its Anti-Inflamatory properties, I do think it could hinder Hypertrophy.

    If you got some time look for the Indian Journal of Pharmacology. 2007; 39(1) 27-29 for the double blind study on osteoarthritis...It could be helpful, however I don't see it really helping directly "dry-joints" or damaged joints due to lifting...then again its anti-inflamatory purposes could help but I would say POST workout...Do not take it before a workout IMO.
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