I've preloaded up on my cycle support for almost 2 weeks now. Been taking my fish oils, multivitamins, liv.52 but I'm still not sure how i exactly want to dose this cycle. I'm going to do and Epi/Andro Hard cycle. I wanted to possibly run the Epi for 5 weeks total, starting 2 weeks before the Andro Hard. Then run the the Andro Hard for 4 weeks starting like I said 2 weeks into the Epi. For my PCT I'm just staying pretty basic. Nolva, Reduce XT, Sustain Alpha and Testforce 2. I just really don't know how i would like to dose the 2 for sure. And for my PCT I'm still tossing around how long to run it and the dosage and how far before the cycle ends to start it.