ZMA.. Whats your thoughts?

  1. ZMA.. Whats your thoughts?

    Hey guys. I'm about to incorporate zma into my supplement stack and just wanted to hear from people who have taken or are taking it and if they got any results?

  2. I like ZMA.

    Be aware; Many have reported very bad nightmares/terrors while on ZMA. I have had no such issues.
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  3. ZMA should definitely have you sleeping deeper. While i never got night terrors it did give me extremely weird and off the wall dreams most nights.
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  4. ZMA is legit, not a miracle supplement but a cheap staple. It is very important nutrition wise and because of the way some nutrients block absorption the best or only way to get zinc and magnesium is that pre-bedtime dose on an empty stomach.

  5. I love ZMA, although now I just take a zinc supplement with a magnesium supplement instead of buying a ZMA product. Great for deep sleep and both are important minerals.



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