MLB Player Dies from Ephedra

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  1. 3 xenadrines would have me bouncing off the walls.

    I'm 18 and in great health....I wonder what it did to him?


    PS: They cant sue Cytodyne because he was taking too many (actualy dose should be 2) at one time.
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  2. Well 3 to him probably isnt insane, considering he's well over 200lbs, weight certainly plays a factor in dose. Also, they said he hadnt been eating properly, my guess is starving himself, so 3 on an empty stomach would light anyone's ass up....

  3. Originally posted by Talon
    In America you do not have to take ANY responsibilty for your actions whatsoever. You shouldn't have to, right? Just go through life with your head in the clouds running redlights ("-I- didn't see the redlight, it's the other guys fault for not watching for me!!&quot spilling coffee on our laps while claiming that you didn't know the coffee was even hot, I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. There is a lack of common sense and accountability in this sue-happy society which causes us all to pay for the stupidity of any random person who manages to do something COMPLETELY stupid and sues. Why else would we have warning labels on our grocery bags?
    Bleh, this gets on my nerves. People can't follow directions and it's the pill's fault. You can OD on anything, and if something is known to be risky to use such as ephedra it would behoove you to follow the damn directions. It's not THAT hard.
    amen! when i was in school i briefly worked at a gnc and not a day went bu that someone overweight would come in asking about fat burners. i know what they were thinkin...they could pop a pill or two and all the sudden they could eat a whole pizza and look like some fitness model...when i would tell 'em that the ephedra would help but you still had to exercise and diet properly, they looked at me like i had lost my mind....

  4. CNN was saying that the guy also had a history of heat strokes dating back to high school. I doubt ephedra was an issue for him back then.

  5. From

    - Was Steve Belcher’s Untimely Death Avoidable?

    The link to a press released from Miami Research Associates (also written
    by Doug Kalmen) that looks at the death of this base ball player the media
    is blaming in ephedrine.


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