Too much fenugreek?

  1. Too much fenugreek?

    Not sure how much is in glycobol and I'm finishing up a sponsored log of muscletechs creacore that has 900mg of fenugreek unit as well.Just wondering any issues with takingt too much? I know in pregnant women internal bleeding is a concern.

  2. Its pretty safe. Outside of possibly upping your E levels, the only other sides might be raging libido and having your sweat smell like maple syrup. There was a fad where people took 5+ grams of fenugreek with Maca to jack up libido and semen volume.

  3. cool, still finishing up some susatin alpha topical so I think E should be covered. Yeah my sweat smells like maple all the time lol.

  4. You're doing a sponsored log for muscletech?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    You're doing a sponsored log for muscletech?
    somewhat, not a log just a final review. They kicked me a tub of it to post a review on Before I get super flammed, I do think muscletech has turned there products around and dropping the prop label is a plus for sure. Still overpriced and over hyped but some decent blends.



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