Royal Jelly Boosts Testosterone by 22%

  1. Royal Jelly Boosts Testosterone by 22%

    Many articles on how Royal Jelly boosts animals' testosterone. Now I found also a human study by Al-Sanafi et. al published on Thi-Qar Medical Journal 1/2007:

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    Very low doses and about 20% increases. And Royal Jelly is also otherwise very healthy.

  2. Only a 10% increase over placebo and 10% is almost insignificant for a healthy male.

  3. That wouldnt produce any physiological change IMO. Also i recall the dose being large.

    The fact the T increase wasnt dose dependent is also a turn off
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  4. I bet Winnie the Pooh's test levels are jacked.

  5. Poor methodology, poor overall results

  6. Thi-Qar Medical Journal...
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  7. Yes, 22% is not very much. But that is more than hyped Tribulus, Maca, Fenugreek, ZMA etc have done in non sponsored studies.

    And royal jelly is one of the healthiest things one can eat, so this little t-boost is like bonus.

    BTW, royal jelly supplements' daily doses contain even 20-80 times more active ingredients than the doses in this study.

    I have combined things like royal jelly, ginger, garlic, ashwagandha, resveratrol and my test rose 60-70%. For an advanced trainee with good nutrition even that rose didn't produce very significant body composition or strength improvements, but otherwise I feel great.

  8. Cant do no harm taking it!


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