DAA with AD-3 PCT

  1. Arrow DAA with AD-3 PCT

    Looking to run DAA at 4 caps per day with AD-3 PCT at 2caps per night. Is one cap sufficient or is it better to go with 2?

  2. Suggestions?

  3. 2 capsules should be fine, but if you notice sore joints or if your libido seems off, then lower to 1 cap. DAA dosing should be fine as long as you hit 3 grams. for the future, you can look into Intimidate, which is NMDA. NMDA is more effective at agonizing the NMDA receptor in the brain due to the methyl group already being attached and not having to be donated by the body. Helps enhance testosterone, free test, IGF and GH levels, promotes deep slow wave sleep, and is a simple 1 capsule at night dosing protocol
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  4. Is one cap of AD-3 each night to still achieve the purpose it serves?

    How would it be to add in Lean Xtreme to this stack?

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