Should i Drop the Test Booster from my PCT?

  1. Should i Drop the Test Booster from my PCT?

    alright so i have puffy bloated nipples (had them for a little over a week) they dont seem to be getting worse, but im thinking the test booster is creating excess estrogen, am i right or wrong? It has WBM, tribulus, ZMA, DAA (3750mg) and iccarin

    Also is what i have going on the beginnings of gyno? theres no tenderness/itchiness/lump they're just bloated and jiggly. Or is it just estrogen fat deposits?

  2. What is your primary anti-estrogen?

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    What is your primary anti-estrogen?

    The ultimate question.
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  4. Add in some estrogen suppressant to compliment the DAA.
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  5. Agree with previous posts^^ You need to roll an AI into the mix. That should have been the primary PCT supplement with the others supporting roles.
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  6. Add some Erase mate


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