Best preworkout?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by OrganicShadow

    Make your own concoction. Always a fun experience.
    Using a selection of red bull and black vodka

  2. Actually love 1mr

  3. craze+hemavol+BCAA+ (caffeine free focusXT)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tilldeath View Post
    craze+hemavol+BCAA+ (caffeine free focusXT)
    All posts by mattys4 are the result of a very creative imagination and should not be considered advice nor taken seriously

  5. Hemavol and/or Maximize Intense!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    Hemavol and/or Maximize Intense!
    ^this x2. Been doing this and a scoop of Compete pre-workout, training has been amazing on that combo
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by SuperFreak95 View Post
    Sex before working out, studies show it boost your test levels....

    Pretty or Ugly studies show no actual difference in baseline levels, so in theory lower your standards.
    I always wait till after *doh*

  8. i never have sex prior, it takes the wind out my sails


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