Hey everyone. I had a quick question that I hope someone can answer for me. I recently picked up a tub of jack3d, and the lady behind the counter said that at the end of the week she was going to have to send back the remainder of the stock because of the controversy surrounding one of the ingredients in it, namely DMAA. I found this rather interesting, so I decided to look into what exactly this compound is. Upon reading this, that, and the other thing, I began to wonder about the methyl part of the compound, and how it compares to a methylated compound like m-drol or h-drol. Let me be clear, I'm NOT asking if jack3d compares to m-drol or h-drol in terms of gains. I'm just talking about how the methylation (?) part in the DMAA affects your liver. I remember from when I was gathering information for a cycle of m-drol that the biggest concern was the harm it can do to your liver because of the dimethyl group. I'm guessing, given the amount of people that take jack3d and have done so for a considerable length of time, that DMAA does not affect the liver in the same way that m-drol or h-drol does. (or even acetaminophen for that matter) Thoughts?