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    Trust me when I say the rollercoaster ride finishes well. Everyone is happy and then has a party.
    Oh i know that it will. Just excited haha. Pop that champagne!


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    I'm a week into AE+DAA and it feels great! My veins are popping out, body fat is down and aggression/libido is way up; mind you I'm 38 so this makes a huge difference. I've run EP+DAA in the past for 30 days and then EP+AE for 30 and loved the results. This time I plan on doing AE+DAA for 8 weeks to get the full effect. So far PES products are the best natural products I've used in my 20 year career. Outside of creatine and whey protein they are my top 5 in supplement effectiveness.

    Wow, thanks for the great report!
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