Trutein V Myofusion (cinnamon roll)

  1. Trutein V Myofusion (cinnamon roll)

    So I finally got them both...

    Texture: Myofusion is thicker and has a more genuine milkshake-like texture. Trutein isn't bad and is thicker than most, but Myofusion just has the texture nailed.
    Taste: Trutein is sweeter, but they are both absolutely amazing. So great that it makes me feel good to re-read the labels to remind myself I'm not cheating. I have a sweet tooth, so the tastes are quite similar when I add stevia to the Myo.
    Macros: Trutein has the Myo beat in most ways. Less carbs, no use of brown rice protein (like the Myo does), and BCAAs.

    The verdict, I'll be buying more Trutein based on superior ingredients. But either way, it's nice to be into fitness during a time when you can actually consume products that taste like a legitimate dessert and still be properly feeding the lab (I refer to my body as "the lab" since we like to do experiments in it...).

  2. TruScience has the best protein around, quality and flavor wise.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    TruScience has the best protein around, quality and flavor wise.

  4. What the hell do you mean "superior ingredients"?

    Milk protein concentrate and milk protein isolate are not exactly "fantastic ingredients". Esp since milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey.

    Brb, paying a premium for that.

    I would much rather buy WPC 80 instead of bottom of the barrel milk proteins.

  5. I like seeing undenatured and nonthermally processed, I once read that it indicates some of the important and fragile sulfur bearing aminos might remain intact. If memory serves there are naysayers who cry that the whole concept is nothing more than paleo mumbo jumbo.

    I'm not super educated on the various processes, but I believe that whey is a common byproduct of all sorts of other milk based stuff that existed long before whey powder. I don't know what products naturally yield milk protein concentrate or isolate, so I would guess it is more expensive and not bottom of the barrel.

    These are iffy potential positives, but I don't feel like Trutein is really charging premium prices for the product at this time. I haven't priced brown rice protein lately, but that's ingredient #2 in Myofusion. (I've also used and enjoy Myofusion. I made my dad switch to Myofusion for the GanedenBC from 100% Whey for full disclosure).

    Trutein looks awesome to me, and I love the taste of the basic milk chocolate. I am totally open to the idea that I'm a sucker, an ignorant idiot or both though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    TruScience has the best protein around, quality and flavor wise.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tmac29 View Post
    What the hell do you mean "superior ingredients"?
    Sorry my choice of words was so offensive. lol. I was alluding to the brown rice protein in Myo. Cheers.


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