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  1. It retains some oil. And if you have an almond habit and/ort ake fishies you'll get your fats in. I just prefer it dry as hell because ...i'm weird ha ha.

  2. ast vp2

  3. MuscleMeds Carnivor Chocolate

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ryan2736
    MuscleMeds Carnivor Chocolate

  5. iForce Red velvet and Vanilla Mint so versatile and good macro profile

    other good ones are XF U.P. 2.0, and iso-100 as far as isolates go
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  6. Hands down iForce Protean Red Velvet Cake. Simply because I don't know of any other company out there to have such a unique flavor. Also, this flavor was my idea to make so of course it's my favorite.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Testdriver View Post
    It's pretty dry once you dump that layer of oil off the top. Good sh**. When I saw the peanut grinder I damn near popped wood
    Don't dump the oil!. You're dumping the goodness right out of the product!. Mix it in!

  8. Myosin is a very importabnt protein in our bodies

  9. well of course, me some red velvet cake

    but XF UP 2.0 is right up there with it, always have a tub of CR/LCP around, cause those 2 flavors are spot on
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  10. I'm loving chocolate protean and strawberry UP2.0 at the moment. I forgot how truffle-like the Protean is.
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  11. Protozyme pb cookie is pretty solid to throw in the rotation
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by rob112 View Post
    Protozyme pb cookie is pretty solid to throw in the rotation
    one day, i'll get the balls to spend that much on day
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  13. VMS Protean and Myofusion Probiotic
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Could have been something else. I never eat anything before I workout, otherwise I get stomach problems.
    I am exactly the same.

  15. protean, myofusion, and combat powder are all solid options IMO. Also love me some pistachio butter.

  16. Awesome product! I love the chocolate Carnivor as well. This will be the only protein I use from here on out. I am so thankful for this innovative product. So thankful to finally get away from the years of bloating, gas and other issues associated with whey. This is such a clean protein. 2.5 grams of creatine per serving also. Love it!


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