Test Powder/Compound 20 Question

  1. Test Powder/Compound 20 Question

    So I just finished up a cycle of Mechabol and start my PCT tomorrow. I also happened to receive Test Powder and Compound 20 today. Anyone know if they would be good to run with my PCT or should I save it for later?


  2. from test powder's profile it looks like the perfect addition to a pct. im not at all very familiar with compound 20 tho.. maybe someone else can chime in..but id definitely be all over that test powder

  3. Awesome. That's what I was hoping to hear, it's always good getting the opinion from others who have a better idea though.

  4. They will both be fine during PCT. Test Powder should be a nice addition.

  5. Awesome, thanks.

  6. Test powder contains DAA, helps boost natural test. Good to go as part of your PCT stack.
    The Compound 20, it's marketed as a leaner and hardner. Different people seen different results, some people lean up, some stay the same way & eat more with no fat gain, others it makes them hungry and thirsty. I think overall 2 solid products that are worthwhile in PCT or any stack.
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  7. I say go for it. I don't see anything wrong with it. Hope you got other things planned out for it also.

  8. What do you mean by other things?

  9. I just got mine in yesterday and was going to use them in PCT after my curent cycle too.
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  10. x2 I got my TestPowder and Compound 20 coming which I will use in a PCT

    I am running Osta now (8 weeks), the run some 1-andro for 6ish weeks, then add the two items along with some other goodies.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Erihis
    What do you mean by other things?
    Well it's personal choice but I usually keep a SERM on hand even if I go OTC PCT.

  12. Which is a smart choice ha. I'm using nolva for my pct.

  13. how was the mechabol, anyways?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by steppinRazor
    how was the mechabol, anyways?
    It was great. Ran it at 50mg the first week and then finished it out at 75mg from then on. I didn't notice any sides and put on a solid 9 pounds. Could have gained more weight but I just kept my caloric intake at maintenance and had some days where my diet wasn't the cleanest. But I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's curious. Felt awesome in the gym when I would take one 20-30 mins before working out.

  15. good stuff..how long did you run it? 6 weeks? 8 weeks?
    have you ran p mag before?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by steppinRazor
    good stuff..how long did you run it? 6 weeks? 8 weeks?
    have you ran p mag before?
    I only had one bottle so I finished just under 6 weeks. And I've never done p mag before so I can't really compare it. I've read that mechabol is basically what p mag converts into though.

  17. right on man.. glad to hear it worked out well for ya.
    i havent been looking around at prohormones/steroids for quite some time so i totally missed that antaeus released this until the other day..

  18. Yeah I had never even heard of them until a friend of mine got a bottle of ultradrol. I went to check out their site and saw mechabol was pretty new and the few logs and reviews I read got me curious enough to try it.


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