Beast Creature Vs Con-Cret

  1. Beast Creature Vs Con-Cret

    Out of these 2 which one is better, in terms of muscle and strength gains.

  2. Creatine mono > all

  3. I have tried mono and looking to change it up. I heard good things about both these products but cant decide which one to choose..

  4. Marketing hype, if you do a search. Mono is the only creatine anyone needs. Only creatine actually studied in clinical trials and proven. Just my .02

    I tried con-cret and get better results from mono

  5. Green Bulge/SNS MCC caps

  6. SNS MCC would be my suggestion or I use Neogenix BodyForge for my creatine intake. But mono is the tried and true proven creatine.

  7. I took Beast Creature and can testify that my strength went up as well as the size, obviously it was the water being sucked into the muscles but that overall look was great. Never tried Con-Cret even though i heard great reviews and a couple of my friends were on it. I liked Beast Creature because of the german creatine (mono).

  8. not to step on toes here....but i'd just go with bulk creatine mono over both....cheaper and more effective
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  9. I personally like Omega Sport's Trinitine the best out of any creatine I ever used.
    Cutting all summer, cycle in September

  10. Orotine would be cool as well


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