anabeta or advanced muscle science?

  1. anabeta or advanced muscle science?

    don't bash me for this but a friend of mine is 18 and is looking to gain lean muscle. nothing crazy or crazy for his internal organs. what do you guys think about anabeta or 1-andro by advanced muscle science?? too much?

  2. Steakadrol.

    Now being serious:

    -Proper Diet
    -Proper training
    -Loads of sleep

    All thats needed for an 18 year old, if he wants...well he is 18 he can take Anabeta which is NOT AAS , but 1-AD is a PH/DS that is NOT to be taken or considered by anyone under 21.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. that's what I figured, thanks. would the anabeta do him any good?

  4. Not without proper nutrition , a proper workout plan and plenty of rest. If those are not met, well , depending on where he puts his wallet, that cheek might only slim out, that is to say his wallet will get leaner with less Money-Fat content if he does not heed the warning of proper nutrition needed mainly.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  5. thanks for the input. very helpful!

  6. Yeah for most 18-year-olds the most important things to do are getting basic knowledge of nutrition and training (in that order). If he changes those and gets serious about it, he should drastically change his physique without any additional supplementation. That said, I LOVE Anabeta, but I still say he should give it a year or two to figure out what diet and training plans he responds to the best and then he can supplement with...supplements


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