gamma oryzanol

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    does this stuff work for cholesterol probs? or any of the rice based products? says it has a good deal of beta sitosterol (for the ol' prostate too)

  2. Quote Originally Posted by julius kelp
    does this stuff work for cholesterol probs? or any of the rice based products? says it has a good deal of beta sitosterol (for the ol' prostate too)
    from what ive read only good use for this is gastritis

    A 1997 study tested the effect of gamma-oryzanol supplements during resistance (strength) training in 22 college-aged males who had been weight training for more than one year. The subjects were divided into two groups. One group took a 500mg gamma-oryzanol supplement daily for nine weeks. The second group took a placebo (an inactive substance). Both groups completed the same weight-training program. The researchers measured body composition, muscle strength, power, heart rate, blood pressure, hormones such as testosterone, and blood lipids such as cholesterol. Measurements were taken after four and nine weeks. Both groups benefited from the weight-training program but the group who received the gamma-oryzanol did not show any additional benefits. The researchers concluded that the gamma-oryzanol supplements did not help in any way.

    Two studies published in 1990 suggest the ferulic acid supplements may be beneficial. In the first study, six trained weight lifters received 30mg per day of ferulic acid for eight weeks while four lifters received a placebo. Body weight and strength (measured by one maximum lift) increased in the group receiving the supplements. The authors concluded that some aspects of weight training might be helped by ferulic acid supplementation. The second study measured hormone levels in six trained male endurance runners who took 50mg per day of ferulic acid for three days. Levels of endorphins were greater when the athletes were taking the supplements than when they took the placebo.

    The authors of the 1990 studies thought the results were promising but in need of more research. The 1997 study measured more aspects in a larger number of people and is considered the strongest study. The results of that study would not support the use of gamma-oryzanol as a performance enhancer. It is interesting to note that in rat studies where gamma-oryzanol was injected, growth hormone manufacture and release was decreased – not increased as many supplements claim. The reason for the decrease is not known.

    hmm ferulic acid alone looks interesting though might look into it..

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