1 andro finaflex questions

  1. 1 andro finaflex questions

    I need to know whether or not to take the pct WITH my cycle of 1 andro or follow it with the PCT??
    I ordered 2 bottles of the andro and 2 bottles of the pct black by revolution that came with it.

    Im going to be running it 2 caps a day for a while then I will Possibly up it to 3 a day. This is my first PH and I've researched the hell out of it I just need to clear the PCT issue up before I put anything into my body.

  2. AHHH hell I just read the stickies my bad you guys.

  3. I need 7 posts

  4. So im gona post in this thread

  5. pretty much just talk to myself that way I can get 7 posts

  6. And this should make seven so I appolagize for anyone that read this haha


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