1. stim????

    Hey guys wondering if y'all can help. I'm looking a stim that will help with all day energy. I've used dexaprine and its okay. Looking for some that really just gonna Jack me up and get there heart pumping.
    Like the liopdrene before they outlawed the old ephrea alcoholids

    Thoughts ?

  2. EC stack , dosed 3x a day every 4 hours= 12 hours of energy and appetite suppression...Nuff said?
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  3. 5 hour energy
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  4. What products recommend for the EC stack?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by oldskool
    What products recommend for the EC stack?
    Bronkaid, 200mg caffeine pills and if desired SNS Yohimbe caps
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  6. I can take a 5 hour energy and go to sleep.

  7. I really like SS methyl synephrine. Nice long sustained energy.


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