Any PWO's out there with ephedra?

  1. Any PWO's out there with ephedra?

    This is probably just wishful thinking, but does anyone know of any PWO powders that contain ephedra? I know I could just order a capsulated supplement, but I like having something to drink.

  2. Other than ultimate orange from like 8 years ago no pre workout contains ephedra . Plus it's been banned for years.
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  3. if you can still find the original DNPx (which was discontinued sometime in october last year? yes a company using ephedra still.) it has ephedra. Though it is a fatburner mixed with caffeine and 1.3dmaa (i forgot what dosage amount). These pills are ****ing crazy. I tried half a bottle for 3 weeks, all I did was jog, and my word it made me jog like no other, it was ****ing CRAZY! I miss that stuff =/.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. Holy crap... ephedra and DMAA in the same supplement... I think I would almost be scared to take that and exercise, especially since I run about 7-8 miles/day and it's hot as hell right now. I did a quick Google search and was surprised to find a number of products being currently manufactured that contain ephedra. I don't mind taking capsules/pills if that's all I can find, but does anyone know of a PWO drink powder that contains ephedra?

  5. Your fav pre plus a bronkaid maybe?

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  6. You could just take EC prior to working out if that's what you're seeking.


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