Intimidate + Testoblan V2 + Erase Pro + Activeate Xtreme ?

  1. Intimidate + Testoblan V2 + Erase Pro + Activeate Xtreme ?

    I was originally thinking that after my last run of ErasePro + Activate Xtreme I was going to take a break for three months but I am interested in trying out Intimidate so in about 4 weeks or so I am planning to run Intimidate + Testoblan V2 + Erase Pro + Activate Xtreme for 8 weeks (I already have everything). How would everyone dose these for optimal results?

    My diet is IF based with my first meal being 12noon, second meal around 3pm and my last around 7pm. I wake up around 5am and go to bed around 9pm. I go to the gym 4 days a week and workout fasted. I most often go at 11am but sometimes my schedule does not allow for that so I occasionally workout early in the morning. In either case, I workout fasted.

    Additional sups that I take are Creatine (Gaspari), Preworkout (either craze or maximize intense), Purple Wraath, Oxi Omega Greens and Fish Oil.

    I want to be able to up my calorie intake, improve recovery time and gain strength. My goal in the next twelve months is to gain 15lbs+ of muscle and I thought this stack would be something I could run once every three months (8 weeks on, 4 weeks off) if I saw results in the first run.

  2. use either tv2 or activate extreme. no use using both
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    use either tv2 or activate extreme. no use using both
    agreed. if you log it ill follow along

  4. My bad, I typed this in a hurry at work. I meant testabolan v2 by iforce obviously.

    I know they share one of the same ingredients but does that mean they won't stack?

  5. Don't run them together . It's kinda redundant . You'd be better served extending the stack to 8 weeks .
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