Hi, I'm new to the forums tried to do as much research as i could, but i am finishing my cycle and plan on cutting. Finishing up APE (test booster)

I was looking for a good fat burner (price does not matter), and decided I may give AX a shot. However when i was looking i saw Slim Fx and Lean Fx, are these products made to be stacked?

If I do or don't stack them what does a full cycle require, 2 bottles? And when dosing in the morning is it recommended to take with a meal?


After this cycle i also plan on giving MassFx/HardFx/supersize/german creatine a whirl. I assume i should take the 4 week cycle off after I'm done cutting to get ready for my bulking? I will most likely get their Perfect Cycle (liver support) product, is their anything else you would recommend. I saw Trisorbagen, but was wondering if its legitimate enough to be taken?

Thanks in advance!