Triazole with Powerful?

  1. Triazole with Powerful?

    So I still have some powerfull left over (over half a bottle) and was wondering if I could use it with Triazole before I sleep. I usually use Powerful with jack3d or noxipro for my preworkout, but hell if it helps wit gh during sleep im willing to try (i usually just do gaba when i sleep, but I am out). Also can I stack powerful with craze? O_o

  2. bump??? and also how many days am I suppose to do Triazole? 6 days on, 1 off? 5 days on 2 off? 5 days on 1 off? O_o

  3. Triazole is dosed 2AM/1PM every day. Taking PowerFull with is is fine as they are two different products. Craze is a pre-workout so no problem with taking all of these product together. As for dosage:

    Triazole - 2AM/1PM with or without food, take every day.
    PowerFull - 2 or 3 30 mins before bed on an empty stomach and don't take within 1 hour of ingesting carbs as carbs blunt the GH effects. 5 days on/2 days off works well.
    Craze - Follow the instructions on the tub.

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