How much is too much w/ Anti-O's, why is Na-R-ALA the anti-o of choice for ALCAR?

  1. How much is too much w/ Anti-O's, why is Na-R-ALA the anti-o of choice for ALCAR?

    Part 1: How much Anti-Ox would you all consider too much? And why, if possible. I can always save some and use when others are out, but if you look in my cabinet this is what you will find:

    CL Oximega Greens
    Amazing Grass "greens" drink
    Grape Seed Extract
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
    and I'm picking up some Goji Berry caps next time I order. All the stuff I've been reading lately really makes me think it should be a staple, especailly for how cheap the caps can be had.
    I also throw a couple handfuls of mixed berries in my morning shake, along with the anti-ox's I get through diet (other fruits, veggies) throughout the day.

    I haven't "combined" the CL Oximega Greens yet with the Amazing Grass Berry drink, but honestly I can't stand the taste of the Oximega so I throw that in with my morning shake and I can't really taste it. I'd like to use the Amazing Grass drink as sort of a mid day pick me up along w/ some Alcar instead of something like an "energy booster" or caffeine. So that would be 1 serv of Oximega in AM, and 1 serv of Amazing Grass in mid day PM.

    That was a damn mouthful. Thoughts on the above? Too much of a good thing? Sucks to leave any out b/c even though they're all Anti-O's, they all have their own benefits as well.

    Part 2: Why is Na-R-ALA the anti-oxidant of choice when it comes to ALCAR and other Carnitines? What makes it "THE ONE" to use for these? Just curious, as if I'm already Anti-Ox'd out, do I need it? I'm aware of the other benefits of ALA, and want to have it remain as a staple, just curious as to why, as above, it's "THE ONE" to take with Carnitines?


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