Free Fundamentals of Pharmacology Course

  1. Free Fundamentals of Pharmacology Course

    I enrolled a while back in a free online course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. It just started today so you can still sign up. UPenn is a top 5 school, so I think it will be a pretty interesting experience, even though the course material looks pretty basic. 10-15 hours is the estimated time investment and most of the material is in video lecture form. Completing the assessments with a 90% or better average will result in a totally pointless certificate of completion signed by the course instructor, haha.

    You can enroll at coursera . org

    I'm in no way affiliated with UPenn or coursera, I just thought this seemed like something many of the regulars in this forum might find exciting.

  2. This is actually interesting for all of us who want to enjoy in far more deeper understanding and discussion of compounds and their effects on the human body, I'll check it out later tonight. Good stuff bro! It might be the basics, but with a good foundation, well amateur research and self-instruction could still prove good enough to get a better understanding of all this we put in our bodies without needing PA, MadChemist and Coop to dumb it all for us like usual (they are pretty damn smart haha)
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