question on VO2 ultra

  1. question on VO2 ultra

    Been using the product for about 2 weeks and I have a hockey tournament this weekend. I usually take a dose before every game but this weekend we have 2 games in one day. we play at 10am then at 6pm. would you recomend that i take one does before each game still on that day? maybe a smaller dose before each game? or just one before my first game? any feedback would be great

  2. I love VO2. I take a dose before every game during rugby tournaments If they are spaced far enough apart. If they are back to back maybe take a large dose for extra endurance.

  3. Cordyceps does have a kind of cumulative effect in the body with respect to its health benefits (there is an absence of evidence for any ergogenic properties), but I'd take two that day anyway.

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