Dosing of CEE and Taurine?

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    neuromancer, where did you get your CEE from? that seems like a lot, a heaping teaspoon of regular monohydrate yeilds 5-7 grams of product. are the densities of the two really that different?
    Custom, and I pretty much thought the same thing, but really wanted to check for myself. I made sure there were no clumps or compacted material on the scale. Granted, this wasn't a precision thing, but round about 1 teaspoon = 3 grams.

  2. I like taurine 5g in a protein shake. Dunno if it actually works, but I like it anyway. Kinda like half the stuff I put in there- hopeful, wishful thinking. Keeps the supp co's in biz, though. I actually buy everything in bulk from board sponsors/supporters, etc. so I feel pretty confident about it. And if it does nothing, I don't buy it anymore.

  3. I have a mixture of CEE, Taurine, Citrulline Malate, and ALCAR. I pour it in a gatorade/powerade bottle and start sipping 30 min before workouts. As far as taste it makes the drink a little tart but that's ok, I like it. I finish my drink about halfway through my workout so I switch to plain water.

  4. so cee everyday 1 teaspoon pre-workout and even on nonworkout days 1 teaspoon? and do you have to cycle cee? 1 month on and off?
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    Some people like TWO teaspoons a day but it is up to you. I think one guy was doing like 18 grams a day! Whatever is your cup of tea. You can cycle if you choose but a lot of guys don't anymore....I think SuperSoldier is always on Creatine. Look around...everyone has different techniques but you could do you dosing schedule above and see if you see anything different within 10 days and add more if you see nothing.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by xZeroCrashx
    and do you have to cycle cee? 1 month on and off?
    I dont cycle CEE, but i take a week of break from anything (including training) every 6 weeks or so.
    Anyway, no loading is needed with CEE.

  7. i think CEE, like all supps, really suffers from diminishing returns after a while. when i first started taking it, i was getting a huge forearm pump from simply sitting at my desk and using a mouse, but i've been on for 2 weeks and the pumps are much less intense even when i doubled the dosage.

    point is, cycling might be a good idea.


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