1. fiber

    Probably a more appropriate question for the nutrition forum, but I trust the knowledge in this forum more:

    Do you count dietary fiber in your macros with carbs? It is my understanding that insoluble fiber just passes through you so it shouldn't be counted towards calories, and soluble fiber is really only 1-2 cals per gram. However, they are hardly ever differentiated on food labels or online, and I eat a lot of fiber rich foods so I am not sure how to calculate this.

  2. fiber does not count as a carb calorie.....simply check the label for the gram amount of fiber and deduct that from carbs....supposedly sugar alcohols "don't count" as carbs either, but do as calories I believe (for those on keto or similar low carb diets). if fiber not listed on the label... all the online calorie calculators will list the fiber on just about any food.

  3. Fiber does yield calories actually, just not to the degree of a gram of complex or simple carbs. Count them as listed on the label

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