Recycle stacked with Form X or Formadrol?

  1. Recycle stacked with Form X or Formadrol?

    which one should I use?


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Orion Bixler
    which one should I use?
    Why only those two can I ask?

  3. I used Form X a while back it kind of worked but it didnt work as awesome as it formadrol did the first time when I took it which was about 2 years ago.
    I took some Epi about 2 years ago and was told that I would need a pct.Some guy recommended formadrol. What was interesting was how formadrol got my aggression very high,assertion/focus in overdrive,and of course libido going sky high.I felt really awesome on a psychological level as

    After that I just took another round of Formadrol in another 6 months which of course was 2 years ago the second time i took it kind of worked but not awesome as the first time.I stopped taking pro hormones for a while. Until 6 months ago.I took Form x.It didnt do the trick.=/
    It was until a friend/roomy gave me 4 days worth of P6 by cellucor. That stuff got me feeling like a real bad ass on the third day!lol!
    Only thing is I got bills to!
    I noticed recycle had similar ingredients so I hope it will give me that extra sharpened edge stacked with Form X.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    form x
    Ditto, running a log on Form-X atm if you wanna check it out lol
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  5. I read some of your stuff kind of wondering if you felt anything after the 5th day?
    I still remember back when I first used formadrol,around the 5th day I felt the affects as I stated above. I was amped and determined to rip through the


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