Premixing Musclemilk

  1. Premixing Musclemilk

    I have a jug of muscle milk protein powder and its a pain to mix so many times a day. Was wondering if i could premix a gallon? Only reason I ask is because ive have mixed protein ( though i think it was hydrolized if it makes a difference) and an hr later it tasted very bitter almost sour. Was wondering if anyone premixes mm and if they have encountered these taste problems i have. Thanks guys

  2. Guess ill just try mixing a little bit and taste it in the morning. Ill post a reply if anyones interested

  3. If you make sure to write down how many scoops go into the gallon, and any other calories that go into the gallon (milk?).....and use a 8 oz measuring cup to dose it out.....I suppose you could get the macro breakdown on it (important to know, unless you intend on randomly drinking it w/o knowing how much protein or how many calories are in there).....which might equate to an equal PITA as compared to mixing it up several times a long as you shake up the gallon before pouring each time, and keep it cold in the fridge....should be fine.....

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