assault vs monster pump

  1. assault vs monster pump

    Been taking assault now for a couple months. Ingredient profile isn't real specific though so I've been eyeing monster pump, anyone tried both? Thoughts?

  2. Go with something everyone has tried and has great reviews. DS Craze, Maximize Intense, Focus XT, etc.
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  3. Both are good products. Also I suggest NeuroSurge one of the best preworkouts I've taken for focus and mental clarity while lifting.

  4. dont know about monster pump but i dont like assault at all. im doing focus xt with cit mal and agmatine and its great

  5. Assault USED to be good. Then the formula got changed like a thousand times. And it got ****ter and ****tier every time it got changed.

  6. I used Assault a few months back and I used Monster Pump for first time this morning.

    Assault was just okay. Monsterpump this morning was okay, but I am not a morning person.

    Craze still give most energy and strength, but that stuff messes with my CNS or something bad.

    People knock it, Bullnox gives me the most strength after Craze and a real mellow, but intense feel like I used to experience from products with ephedra from the days of old.

    I have tried so many and have 5 tubs of different stuff even now.

    I am going to give Monster a chance, but after this morning I wish I would have gotten another Bullnox. Maybe it is just one of the testosterone things in their that actually affects me. I don't know.

  7. I like monster pumps ingredients, wish it had bcaas in it though. Their monster amino is a awesome product

  8. I used to love Bullrush too, but then i had to bump it up to 2 scoops and then water was literally coming from my ass.

  9. Monster Pump for the pump.

    Neurosurge for great energy, mood and focus
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