1. ZMA and ISA-TEST

    Anyone recommend against taking both due to the higher amounts of zinc and magnesium?

    If so what recommendations do you have? Ive been taking ZMA and Tribulus extract for awhile currently, notice a change for the better and also believe it is helping me recover faster and from long days working in general. would the ISA-TEST replace both of these?

  2. Use your ZMA as a stand alone or with tribulus as you have been using it in a combo. ISA-Test gf is awesome-for what it is, I cycled it a year ago for 8 weeks and coupled it viridex xt - 12 days on 5 days off until the viridex xt finsihed (1 Bottle) - and it was awesome. You will find many that will say that better products are available but each person has their own individual experience with these products, some work some dont.

    An alternative is to use the ZMA during that 4,6 or 8 week break you give your self after an 8 week cycle of ISA-Test GF(4 weeks can be sufficient for most-you choose).

  3. ZMA is in ISA-Test already, I wouldnt see it as necessary, save it for after week 8.

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