Hi all, just wanted to run my upcoming cut past the board for extra advice. Thanks in advance for any help.

21 years old, 5'7, 172 lbs, 13% bf%.
4 years of serious lifting experience (6 total)
I'm a exercise science undergrad major and know the importance of proper nutrition and balls to the walls lifting.

I've been running a recomp for several months now using a combination of TTA-500, slin sane, hemavol, and the regular supps (creatine, BA, multi, and FO). I kept (and increased) a couple lifts while shedding some bf and growing much more vascular. It's time for a serious cut down to below 10% though. Calories will be 2000-2100 of clean foods a day (at least 200 grams of protein and cycle high, medium, and low carb days)

Training is 5/3/1 and 30 minutes of steady cardio 5 times a week.

Here's what I'm thinking:
Slin sane before high carb meals
Hemavol pre WO
Continue creatine, BA, etc
Genomyx gut health

Here's where I want the most input:
I have a bottle of hcgenerate on hand that I got in a tradeand was thinking about using it. I have trouble keeping energy and libido up on a cut and work 60 hours a week in the summer. Hcgenerate from what I've read is a great libido supp and enhances mood and well being. Any objections or advice?

Second, is there anything I'm missing? I was thinking of adding in a product like alphaburn but am open to other suggestions. Money isn't a big issue but I don't wanna get crazy.

Any suggestions?