Omega sports flashover question!

  1. Omega sports flashover question!

    Hey guys whats up!, i got omega sports flashover, today is my first day trying it, but i have a question... do someone know whats the deal with the 2 scoops?...theres a scoop inside the tub and outside is another inside a small plastic bag... and says "disregard scoop within, use outer scoop for dosing" or something like that... so whats the deal???? i took one dose with the outside scoop and didnt feel much, i guess is just to asses tolerance?

  2. The outer scoop corresponds with the information on the label. I used an mg accurate scale to weigh out that scoop size.

  3. Thanks my friend, i think i need 2 of those scoops then

  4. No problem at all. I find two's been the sweet spot for me as well.

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