Russian dianabol?

  1. Russian dianabol?

    Hey guys I just recently bought 6 weeks of Russian anabol,they're by a company called peak top blister strips but all the instructions are in Russian basically I'm just looking for some feedback are they any good/side effects and. A good pct I have nov and clom,thanks guys

  2. Real Russian dbol in the blister packs with Russian writing is good shyt, not sure what you have?....but this is the wrong section....repost in anabolics, altough probably nobody will talk to you about dbol only cycles ....

  3. you need to find another forum to discuss this stuff in a legit way.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    you need to find another forum to discuss this stuff in a legit way.
    you need to clear your PM's! when you guys gonna have fadogia back in stock? can't find it anywhere for months now, discontinued or something?

  5. british dragon all the way!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    british dragon all the way!
    LMFAO...for sure....I say russian blister pack dbol #1 with a bullet, but the pink BD's can be a solid 2nd place, and the blue hearts 3rd place

  7. are we gonna get in trouble for this? I did tell the OP to post in anabolics (and he did) I ask for a reduced sentence, maybe banned for 48 hours instead of permanent.....


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