Best pre-workout ?

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    I am really digging the new Maximize (w/o 1,3). Clean, great ingredients, plus I add in 1.6g of Beta Alinine and it's on.

    Awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know. I occasionally add 3 caps of SNS BA with my Maximize Intense. As I mentioned in the other thread, we are currently working on a 5th flavor for Maximize Intense. It is being done at the same place that does the flavor work for our Hemavol and Compete... So looking forward to it

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  2. Tried several pre workout supps. Hemo rage black was reccomended to me by a mate. Seriously don't bother. Yes it gives awesome energy and pumps and is great for recovery between sets. However it's no where near worth it for the crash you get afterwards. Never experienced anything like it. Jitters, feeling sick, depressed, dehydrated (no matter how much water you drink) and generally feeling like you've spent the previous night drinking till your liver was gonna drop out your a*se. Best pre workout supp by far is a power called Hard Nox from, wicked energy and pumps but no crash. I've known people have a double scoop before a night out to save on having to buy booze. Oh and it's wicked cheap too.

  3. Hemavol > Maximize Intense
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  4. This week i have changed up to Focus xt (cotton candy),Agmatine , 1 Adrena G.....and that delicious tangy tangerine Compete for intra

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo
    Hemavol > Maximize Intense
    I agree


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