3-test-oxo...good, bad, worthless?

  1. 3-test-oxo...good, bad, worthless?

    I was recently given a bottle of free 3-test-oxo, and I've heard good and bad about it. Is it a ph? Should I just not take it and forget about it? Will it damage my liver or give me any sexual issues? I've heard that its not potent enough to hurt you, but I dont want to take any risks. Any help?

  2. 3-Test-Oxo is a Natural Testosterone booster. This product is not a prohoromone and will not harm your body.

  3. Okay sweet thank you. Heres another question, is it effective stacked with other things like Cx5, Nx6, and Assault? Assault being used as a "fat burner?"

  4. Any results with this stuff?? I got a free bottle too when I
    Bought the "shred stack"..

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