Fat Loss?

  1. Fat Loss?

    I'm 25 years old, I eat right and workout 4-5x a week. My arms, legs and chest are well defined, but I can't seem finish off the fat in my ab area. I've been looking into 2 supplements, Tri-Max and Glucophase XR. I was wondering which one all of you perfer to lose weight fast/best???

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    To be honest and not to sound like an ass, but your diet is what you need to look into bro. Tighten it up first before you look to try a miracle supp, cause they dont exist. Try posting your diet in the nutrition section and the good bro's here will find your trouble spots. You might wanna use the assistance of BOBO as well. I hear great things about his service. Look into what he has done with Scotty. To really answer your question Trimax will melt the fat off but will tear up some muscle as well...thats just the nature of the beast. Glucophase XR will bring more nutrients to be shuttled to the muscle and not to fat. IF your are on a CKD (if you dont know what a CKD is then you dont have the suffient knowlege to use these supps) or a variant, then it will put you in ketosis faster._Good luck-Mike

  3. Agreed, check the diet and cardio.

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