How much milk thistle is enough?

  1. How much milk thistle is enough?

    I'm about to get off a cycle of m1t and m5aa, how much milk thistle in mg will i need. I got some pills that are 240mg w/ some other liver protectant stuff in it as well... Is that enough or do i need more, if more how much more?

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  3. Mee too and one gram of NAC

  4. VPX, CEX is good stuff

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Chr0niC
    VPX, CEX is good stuff
    Whats that have to do w/ milk thistle?

  6. I am using 1.05 grams/day as well. Seems to be the gold standard. Anyone know why this value is recommended? My best guess is that it comes from research studies showing liver value improvements at that dosing. Just curious.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chr0niC
    VPX, CEX is good stuff
    What's with your posts, I noticed none of them are on topic or informative, grow-up.
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