Which of these CEE claims are true?

  1. Which of these CEE claims are true?

    I restarted this thread because the title was misleading and moved the discussion in the wrong direction.

    Some claims about CEE seem contradictory. Which of these are true?
    1. Gets into your body faster
    2. Stays there longer
    3. Due to #1, no loading phase is necessary
    4. Due to #1, you can take it not long before a workout.
    5. Due to #2, you can take it any time of day
    6. Efficiently absorbs without a carrier such as dextrose
    7. Absorbs more efficiently than CM
    8. Due to #7, you can use a dose lower than you'd use for CM.
    9. Due to #7, you can be sure muscle tissue is better saturated
    10. Less likely to cause bloating in those prone to bloating. (Why?)
    11. Results in less creatinine (a somewhat toxic waste product)
    12. May possibly work for CM nonresponders
    13. Others ?
    (Let's put price aside for a moment. Obviously it costs more. The taste is bad too.)

    Dan responded earlier,
    On another forum Patrick Arnold said that the actual creators of CEE (not VPX) only made the claim that it was better absorbed through the gut, and does not degrade in solution.

  2. I have been using CNW's CEE for 2 weeks now and I am loving it. I have never responded to CM, CM with dextrose, swole V2, V12, V12 Turbo, or satur8. I have tried the CEE and I noticed results after one week. The first week I still loaded at 6g per day. 3g before and 3g after workout. Now I am just using 3g after workout in my protein shake. So I believe loading is still necessary since it is still creatine and you want to saturate your muscles at first and then maintain that level. I believe it is best taken close to a workout to allow the best possible absorbtion but again it is not necessary. I have noticed a little bit of water retention in the midsection and face but nothing bad like I have seen on others who have used CM. Also if you do the math you can get a kilo of CNW CEE for $60 and at 3g/day it will last close to a year, so the price difference is minimal. Obviously this is working a lot better then CM for me so it is definately worth it. My muscles are fuller and my lifts have gone up maybe 5% all around, after 2 weeks I think that its great.

  3. I'm still debating myself on buying this product. It's hard to ignore all of the positive feedback.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    I'm still debating myself on buying this product. It's hard to ignore all of the positive feedback.
    I'm with you man. I've tried them all (except this one) and none have ever really produced that much more dramatic results for me than plain old "cheapass" creatine powder. The way I look at it, it doesn't matter what form it is in. Once your muscles are saturated, That's it. I've never gained more than 5 pounds from any type of creatine. I do like the fullness and pumps from it though.

    I guess I'll have to give this one a shot and see how it goes. I can't ignore that little voice in me that says "go ahead man give it a shot! mabey this time it will work."

  5. I hate that damn voice lol.




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