Tri-Max Allergy??

  1. Tri-Max Allergy??

    Newbie here. I have done some reading about Tri-Max and I was really interested in buying some. The only question I have is will I be allergic to Tri-Max if I have a shellfish(Iodine) allergy? The label seemed fine and I googled tiratricol looking for more info and everything seemed to be ok for me. Then on one of the threads I notice someone saying don't take Tri-Max if you have a shellfish allergy, someone else said it wouldn't bother you because its synthetic. All I know is I am clueless! Can someone tell me, if they know for sure, if I would be allergic to Tri-Max. Hopefully I'm not, but if I would be what side effects would occur? What about Glucophase XR, my second option to Tri-Max, would I be allergic to that? Please help! Thank You

  2. I believe Jweave had the same allergy and couldn't use t3 but used trimax and was fine, I may be wrong but maybe he can chime in and help you out.

  3. I know certain people are allergic to t3, while not trimax. I also have heard of others allergic to trimax as well so I think there is some uncertainty here. Also, I am not sure how or if the shellfish/trimax has any correlation. Just out of curiosity, how bad is the shellfish allergy? Also, it might be wise to invest in some quercetin and use throughout the cycle regardless.

  4. My allergy is not real bad, I mean I wouldn't die from it or anything, I might just swell up a bit or develop some kind of rash. What is quercetin?? How much would I take if cycled in with Tri-Max??

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