How can i overload bcaa?

  1. How can i overload bcaa?

    I have a tube of ajipure bcaa's that expire next month! So i want to take 5+ times per day to finish the tube. How can i take them? Between meals?

  2. take as many as you'd like you can't OD on BCAA's but you really don't need any more than 20g per day from supplements...(protein powder, BCAA's)

    If I were u I'd still use them sparingly, or however u were taking them before, it's not like one month past the expiration date is really going to matter much.

  3. They will be fine after the expiration date...

  4. Pour water in tub, drink from tub = profit

  5. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    They will be fine after the expiration date...
    this. might clump up a bit in the container but they'll be fine for a while after the expiration date
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  6. 45mg Leu/kg BW every 2 hours


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