New and need help

  1. New and need help

    Ok so heres the deal i'm 21 5'9 185 and looking to get into pro-hormones. I've been working out for years with good results but looking to up my game. This is going to be my first pro-hormone because i decided to wait till i turned 21 but I don't know too much about it as far a cycles go. I've done some research and it looks like hdrol or an epi clone is the best ph to start with. So basically what I need is help with is everything... I'm looking for noticeable dry gains and minimal side effects. I would appreciate if someone could tell me a exact cycle from the ph dosage to the pct. Any help will be appreciated and if more information is needed let me know, thanks in advance.


  2. welcome to AM! I think you'll find the answers to most of your questions if you search the anabolics section of the forum:

    it's actually against the forum rules to discuss anabolics in the supplement section

  3. Thanks sorry about that ill move my question there

  4. At 21, you still have great natural ability to grow on your own.
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