Toco-8 or orange triad?

  1. Toco-8 or orange triad?

    OK I've read the other posts on the multi vitamins and the majority like OT.
    But I'm also intrigued with the Toco-8.
    I read in one post that you shouldn't take a multi with vitamin E in it along with the toco.
    Sooo. Which is more beneficial?

  2. Well I'm not going to get into which is better, but can't you just separate the doses and halve the serving of Toco if you choose to take both? You will still get benefits from it


  3. to me, this is like apple and oranges, two entirely different genres of supplements.

    I will say off the top, I am very biased, as I have been using OT for years and love it. However, toco is not a true multifaceted multi. So its not a fair comparison imo
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

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