Endosurge/Erase Pro/Intimidate/Compound 20 stack=to much?

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    Compound 20 , and.t2 might not b a good mix
    I like the mix actually. At first I was weary as there is multiple beta-agonists involved. But since all 3 are so clean...it works great
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  2. Thanks...I am still thinking about it. I have been doing cardio about every other day and I have started to notice some changes in my waist. I only carry fat in my love handles so that is where I usually look first. This coming Friday will be 2 weeks into it so I will weight my self and tape my waist again then.

  3. I really suck at giving updates on here but I have been swamped. I just hit week 3 this past Friday and I added in Alpha-T2 on Saturday. I really want to see my abs come back. What I have been running has helped but I wanted to kick it up a notch. I have started to notice a big increase in my vascularity all over. I am feeling fuller and denser everyday that goes by. For some reason I have not been as hungry as I thought I would be. I am actually having a hard time eating enough, granted I am eating at a DFAC in Afghanistan so the food is not always appealing either. I am hoping to see even more vascularity and leaning out these coming weeks. The more I read this forum the more I love it. There is almost too much info to soak up.

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