Best time to take B12 and Vitamin C?

  1. Best time to take B12 and Vitamin C?

    Can i take B12 before the gym? And what about Vitamin C? My multivitamin has 1gr of Vitamin C which i take in the morning after the breakfast. I also have time released vitamin C (500mg per capsule ). What do you suggest?

  2. 1g vitamin C is in excess of the plasma saturation dose and wasteful. I'd go with the time-released vit C dosed 4+ hours away from workouts. B12 can be taken preworkout

  3. Can't threw away the multivitamin!

    It's alive! from nature's way.

    I have the version of 3 capsules per day. Should i split the dose?

  4. Oh, that's a full serving of 6 caps. You can just split the dose 2/2/2 or 3/3 and be fine

  5. No, this label is from last version. The new version has only 3 capsules per day. I'll split it 2/1



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