Get a Load of this Ephedra warning

  1. Get a Load of this Ephedra warning

    This is crazy Read this

    Epedra Kills

    They had to artificially blocked arteries in dogs in order for
    ephedra to have dangerous effects, said Dr. Philip Adamson of the University of Oklahoma.

    ALso mentions later..had little effect on healthy dogs, the study found.

    But the headine is Ephedra kills...if you altered someones digestive track maybe milk can kill too

  2. retards. they just proved its fine if your not clogged up already.
    so by that they should say before use check your colesteral
    nice comment on the milk

  3. Lol thats rediculous.

  4. That's such crap...I'm saving that as an example of **** journalism for when I teach my next class. I can't believe that. The studies say that ephedra is safe if you're healthy and don't overdose. This confirms it. A doctor's exam would reveal any problems...and dogs weigh a lot less than humans, AND likely have greater receptor sensitivity (evidenced in Clen studies), so why give them a human dose? WTF?!

  5. Ya beat me to it... Giving dogs (even say a 150+ pound one) the same dose as a human is retarded... **** journalism is right!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  6. Yeah and Tylenol kills about 200 people every year. Ephedra has killed ummmmm zero. That article is ****ing hilarious. i'm going to submit one that has me sewing peoples *******s shut and feeding them enormous amount of food to see what happens. Headline "Food proven to have dangerous side effect" LOL
  7. darius
    darius's Avatar

    mmmm ephedra..
    Just gulped down 2 Dymatize Xtreme's.
    Good stuff.

    btw, that article is super retarded.

  8. The funny thing is, they never study responsible use!

    I use ephedra all of the time in various ECAs I stocked up on...but I never take more than half a dose, or so. It's all I need. I don't use it before working out, and I cycle off it from time to time. Yet what I'm doing is illegal because dogs with their arteries jammed full of cotton have heart attacks when they take doses five times higher than mine...really smart.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by darius
    mmmm ephedra..
    Just gulped down 2 Dymatize Xtreme's.
    Good stuff.

  10. I love how they "journalist" writing the article does not know the difference between ephedrine and ephedra. Both words are used about half the time, so I wonder which substance they actually studied

    It's disgusting how ignorant some journalists are of the subjects they write articles on.

  11. I had an amazing class that examind the relationship between science and the media, and their is a tremendous gulf betwee the two. Since the public cannot read scientific studies and has limited access to journals, they are sadly at the mercy of the journalist, who is looking for "Silver Bullet," and "Magic Pill" headlines, even as scientists delivre cautionary recomendation on just about everything. What should be the headline everywhere today is the fact that the FDA is demanding Black Warning Labels (like the kind on cigarettes) on all anti-depressants, informing consumers that they increase risk of suicide and negative thought among young people....and the ****ers that have been selling these drugs ADVERTISE IN TEEN MAGAZINES and infiltrate the national conscious to plant seeds of inadequacy in order to sell their posion....okay...I've got to settle down...that EPHEDRA is making my anger race!

    As we see here, this reporter knows nothing about the substances. A cursory internet search would have improved the reporting, but obviously, not even that was done.

  12. "But in dogs that had their arteries artificially blocked, ephedrine had dangerous effects, said Dr. Philip Adamson of the University of Oklahoma"

    love that... so hmm maybe giving alcohol to a person with there liver removed may cause dangerous effects...hmm

    oh just found this
    The most common cause of heart disease in people is cholesterol on the artery walls
    Dogs are often used to research heart disease
    To imitate this condition artificially, the dog's coronary arteries are tied around with wire or blocked by plastic plugs
    The most common cause of heart disease in people is atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposition on artery walls). This leads to bottlenecks in blood flow, thereby restricting oxygen supply, raising blood pressure and, ultimately, culminating in a heart attack.
    Dogs are often the model of choice for research into heart disease although 'it is virtually impossible to produce atherosclerosis in a dog' even when vast amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat are added to their diet .To imitate this condition artificially, the coronary arteries are tied around with wire or blocked by plastic plugs. The most obvious cure for the condition in humans is to lower cholesterol levels but this would clearly have no effect in such a model, which is therefore of no real relevance.

  13. Yeah this article is embarassing for the person who wrote it but the sad thing is people read that article and see facts. What a world what a world


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