should i start emonster

  1. should i start emonster

    im 20 years old and 177 pounds. i have been lifting hard for about 6 months along with good diet and am not getting the gains i am looking for. a few of my roommates have been taking GS emonster 10mg Sdrol, 15mg Cynostane, 20mg Max LMG, 25mg Halodrol, 300mg Milk Thistle, 400mg 45% tribulus and are on there second cycle and are getting great results. they are pressuring me to start a cycle but i dont want to start anything without researching it first. does anyone with a lot of PH knowlage have any feedback for me?

  2. Sounds like a pretty odd many are they taking a day out of curiosity ? And no OP I wouldn't do it if it's your first cycle stick with just Hdrol or something milder then sdrol
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  3. they are taking 2 a day along with cycle support and post cycle in between

  4. I took eMonster less than a year ago. It was one of the best products I have taken. If you decide to take this, you're going to need more Milk Thistle, some Hawthorne Berry extract, and maybe some other herbal vitamins because it is quite toxic. You're also going to want to drink about a gallon of water a day. I mix it lightly with gatorade cause I hate regular water. You're also going to need a good pct after you finish emonster. It basically is going to mess up your body's endocrinology and the PCT will help get your body back on track. However, you are about 4-5 years too young to be taking this cause you body should be producing plenty of testosterone on it's own. I would rather recommend a Test Booster but if you do decide to take this then you should do it right. You also might want to keep some Excedrin around because your blood pressure may go up and cause you headaches while you are on this. That's about all I got for ya. It's a great product if you know what you're getting into. Good Luck in whatever you do

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