Max Muscle's MAX ARM (Anabolic Recovery Matrix

  1. Max Muscle's MAX ARM (Anabolic Recovery Matrix

    What are your thoughts on Max Muscle's MAX ARM (Anabolic Recovery Matrix? What other products have the same ingredients in it as this or better?

  2. Please...I can not stress how bad their supplements are , horrible formulas , have tried their stuff...make yourself a favor and buy from nutraplanet real supplements , from real labs and not local wannabe supplement stores...
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  3. when I compare some of the ingredients, it seems the max has more and better ones then the ones you mention. I have heard a few people say what you are saying, but have not found a product that offers everything the Arm does. If you know of one, I would be glad to give it a try.

  4. Not to mention it's most expensive supplement store around.
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  5. I would love some other possible options?



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